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At Revive and Clear, we specialize in gentle Microsuction procedures designed to safely remove earwax build-up, ensuring your ears stay healthy. Our expertise extends beyond routine care; we've successfully retrieved various items using Microsuction, including cotton buds, hearing aid silicone domes, and even delicate items like music air pods

Our services are administered by a highly trained and fully insured practitioner, located in Glossop. Our clinic, situated on the bustling High Street, is meticulously maintained, ensuring a clean and fully functional environment for your comfort. For those unable to visit us, we offer convenient home visits, extending our care to local areas such as Hadfield, Tintwistle, Hayfield, and New Mills, Hadfield, Tintwistle, Hayfield, New Mills, Charlesworth, Chisworth, Broadbottom, Mottram in Longdendale, Padfield, Gamesley,

Microsuction has emerged as a revolutionary method for addressing ear-related issues efficiently and comfortably. This minimally invasive procedure offers a quick, pain-free solution that delivers instant results, ensuring optimal ear health and clarity. Unlike traditional methods that might cause discomfort or require time-consuming processes, Microsuction stands out for its speed and effectiveness. By using gentle suction, it allows for the safe removal of earwax build-up without any discomfort. The immediate relief and improved hearing experience it provides make it a preferred choice for many seeking effective ear care solutions. In addition to its efficiency, Microsuction boasts its instant effectiveness. Clients often experience immediate improvements in their hearing and comfort levels right after the procedure. This instant relief can be transformative for those who have been struggling with impaired hearing or discomfort due to excessive earwax. Moreover, transparency in pricing is key to ensuring a hassle-free experience for clients. Here at Revive and Clear, we believe in providing clarity and accessibility. Please find our price list below:

We have all 5-star reviews on Google, so if you require a clinic appointment or a home visit you can be sure you are in good hands.

Based on 11 reviews
Gabrielle Ormandy
Gabrielle Ormandy
Excellent, friendly service. Highly recommend
Rick Williams
Rick Williams
Superb service , sorted ears out in minutes. Technician Debbie lovely. Great addition to Glossop.
Natasha Pinder
Natasha Pinder
Problem solved professionally in a calm environment, friendly communication and would and have highly recommended. Will be using this service if needed again
Stewart Taylor
Stewart Taylor
Rapid, efficient and friendly service in a convenient location.
Steven Hudson
Steven Hudson
Great service, speedy and knowledgeable
Ian Booth
Ian Booth
I went to Debbie's shop at 138 high street west which had just opened. I had micrsuction on both ears and the results were brilliant. Very effective and I would definitely recommend if you are having trouble with your hearing. Thanks again Debbie Ian
pwb hpb
pwb hpb
Debbie is professional friendly and helpful. The treatment really is fantastic, painless and instantly effective. Solved a problem i had for months in less than half a hour Highly recommend. Thank you Debbie
Alex Carroll
Alex Carroll
Great service from Debbie. Would definitely recommend.
Rachel Dennett
Rachel Dennett
Fantastic, professional service from Debbie .Highly recommend.
Matt Britton
Matt Britton
Absolutely fantastic! Debbie was amazing, so friendly and professional and did a wonderful job on my ears! Didn’t feel a thing and it was all done in about 20 minutes! 10/10 would recommend her services!

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